We are now booking block timing for New York Fashion Week in September. Please use the form below to request a fashion show booking.

Our turn-key studio is perfect for any fashion show. The runway is front lit and back lit from above and can be one straight line or a T-shape. Wall Frame Lights can give the room a natural or colorful glow. Ambient hanging lamps dim to keep the audience’s focus on your show.

Green Room: Our 400 sq ft “Pineapple Room” normally accommodates up to 10 models and 5 designers, but the area can be expanded to up to 1200 square feet if you have a larger group.

Capacity: This location can hold up to ~210 people total (audience, models, designers, crew) during fashion shows. Audience capacity varies greatly based on staging and how much the Pineapple Room needs to be expanded.

Now booking for New York Fashion Week! September 7-13, 2023