Williamsburg Artist’s Parlour

A speakeasy-style artist parlour tucked away in Williamsburg. Things to Look At’s Brooklyn photo studio features carefully chosen vintage decor and curious details, hinting of veiled secrets, unsolved mysteries and forbidden romance.

Amenities: Wifi, Steamer, Chairs, Speakers, Mini Fridge, AC, Work Tables, Grip Gear

This boutique space is fully decorated, photo ready, and conveniently located. The one-room studio is suitable for events with up to 25 guests or photo and video shoots with crews up to 15.

A slice of the 70s & 80s

This Retro Trailer set features wood paneling, a window and door, vintage furnishings, and even the classic popcorn ceiling. Using a mobile wall, this 20’ long area can expand from 8’ to 16’ wide depending on your needs. If you’re not shooting this look, the area can be used for Hair / Makeup, wardrobe, staging, or storage.

Main Area

750 sq ft (approx 26’ x 28’)
10’ ceilings
Garment Racks
WiFi, mini fridge, AC
Work tables and chairs


Lamps and chandeliers emanate a warm ambience. A dimmable daylight box built into the wall allows you to simulate bright daylight to a subdued evening glow any time of day.


Street parking
Advanced reservation lot
Access via stairs only
Basement is one floor down


Workshops, Classes, Anniversaries, Adult birthday parties, Team events, Immersive Events, Live Performances, Murder Mystery, Magic Show, Gallery Events, Tarot

Photo and Video

Victorian, Retro, Witchy, Renaissance, Elevated, Fashion, Moody, Ambient

Now booking for New York Fashion Week! September 7-13, 2023