Artist’s Parlour FAQ’

Williamsburg Artist’s Parlour FAQ’s

  • How to find the studio

    Our location is speakeasy-style and naturally a little hard to find.

    The studio is located in Williamsburg, on N 3rd between Kent and Wythe, directly across from Club Pilates.

    The entrance is a big iron door tucked in an alcove between the parking garage and the giant roll gates on the north side of N 3rd.

    63 North 3rd St.
    Brooklyn NY 11249

    *Red Pin denotes our entrance

    To buzz the studio: press 002, then the bell button. The immediate next door will bring you to the basement (you’ll see a big neon sign). Press 002, then the bell button again.

  • Traffic & Parking

    Williamsburg has heavy traffic almost every time of day.

    There is extremely limited street parking in the area.

    The nearest lot is right next door at LAZ Kent Street Brooklyn, 53 N 3rd St. We recommend that essential crew who are driving use the lot because finding parking may cut into your booking time. Visit the link below to reserve your space in advance. Spaces may not be available without prior reservation.–ny/175-kent-avenue

    This lot has a max height of 7ft 6in and is the tallest parking garage within a few blocks. Taller vehicles should look for street parking, but be prepared to wait in the vehicle because street parking is extremely limited. 

  • How early can I arrive?

    Please do not arrive more than 10min before your shoot as we may not be able to let you in the building or studio. If you anticipate needing additional time to set up, please let us know by noon the day before your booking and we will add it to your booking if possible. If you do arrive to Williamsburg early and need to kill some time, there are many lovely coffee shops in the area.

  • Departure / Overtime

    The clock doesn’t stop until your entire group is out of the studio. If our schedule allows, we may have a 10min grace period after your booking to break down / clean up. If you require additional time after that, we will add it to your booking. Our OT rate is 1.5x. If your shoot goes beyond 10pm for any reason, the rate is 2x.

  • Cleaning Rules

    The space should be left clean and as you found it. Our cleaning fee covers setting up the studio and sanitizing, sweeping, and taking out bagged trash afterward. If mess is excessive (e.g. wax, spills on fabric pieces) we will charge a Damages Fee.

  • Using Candles

    If you intend to use lit candles, you MUST use proper votives or holders to avoid wax spills. The metal holders tea lights often come in are not acceptable on their own.

  • Covid Safety

    While we will ensure the studio is safe before your arrival, it is the responsibility of the producer/organizer to make sure your crew is following current health guidelines. We ask that you please bring your own hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes for use during your shoot.

    Please let us know what your production’s covid protocols are so we can be sure to follow them.

  • Sound Recording

    This studio is not a sound stage. Any sound from the hallways outside the studio and neighboring studios may be picked up on sensitive audio equipment. While normally the studio is pretty quiet, we cannot guarantee our neighbors will be. Bookings with audio recording are made at your own risk and we cannot be liable for any time lost due to auditory disruptions.